oldermenAs a widowed, divorced or just single older man that wants to start dating younger women, there is a need to figure out how to maintain your attractiveness to younger women looking for older men. As much as younger women dating older men prefers the age gap dating, they still love their partner to be as appealing as their age mates who are young, agile and good looking. They wouldn’t want to start getting dreaded questions like “wow, is this your father?”

To start with, you need to care more for your teeth. As you get older, your teeth starts to turn yellowish. An unhealthy teeth is a negative sign to most younger women dating older men and this is one of the reasons why some ladies wouldn’t want to associate with them. If your discoloured teeth will be standing in your way, consider seeing a dentist. If you smoke or haven’t been paying attention to your teeth in the past, you may think of whitening it. A good smell and clean teeth can attract girls wanting older men to you.

Take care of your body. You really need to watch what you eat to avoid getting overweight. It will be obvious how old you really are if you are fat or with some double chin. You will need to engage in daily exercises to keep you fit. To best care for your body, you should consider joining a gym, applying for specific programmes, getting a trainer and working with a dietitian.

Dye your hair. Your grey hairs can be a total turn off point for some girls wanting older men and you should consider dyeing it. This is basically for older men whose hair have gone grey prematurely. What you need to do is step into a salon, let them understand you need a perfect touch on your hair and you are interested in dyeing it to get a better look. However, you have to be committed to doing this regularly as new ones grow to displace the hair job.

Look available. You really need to give more attention to your appearance as this will get you attention from younger women looking for older men and give you enough self confidence. It gives ladies the first impression about you because it is what they will notice first. Move into the fashion stores, pick up some nice clothings that will show to people you do care about yourself.

Dating younger women will not be a difficult thing if you can dress well, look good and always put up a smile. In addition, try to engage with people and leave them with something that will get them amazingly thinking about you after.