Success Stories

When and where you least expect it

Beautiful young lady had just joined and I had noticed her eyes jump off the page in my news feed. I reached out to her and we spent the next to days practically joined at the hip, feeling this intense connection really fast. We have so much in common and I can see myself falling hard for her!
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You're so perfect for me!

702jvv messaged me a few times over the course of about 2 months. I was reluctant to reply to his emails because I wasn’t sure we would have much in common. He had just moved to Denver and I lived in Las Vegas with a full schedule and little time to spare for a long distance relationship. After browsing through my emails one day I decided to reply to one of his more recent emails and he responded back and we shortly exchanged phone numbers. Replying to his email is one of the best things I have ever done. We ended up meeting in Vegas when he came home from a work trip in Denver and we fell in love after what seemed like almost immediately after meeting. Now, I cannot see my life without him. He is so supportive of me and everything I do and I love him for everything he is and everything he does. He is the most loving and caring man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and I am so lucky to call him mine.

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We're a perfect Match

I was only on the site three days when I first sent a message to Pamela and she sent a message back almost right away. Over the next few days we began chatting and soon talking on the phone. Well, its be magical. we have now met in person and we really have fallen in love. For me she is everything that I have ever wanted in a partner for life and she feels the same way. We hope that soon we will marry and begin our life together. I’ve been searching for a long time, was on many different sites but AgeMatch was the place that brought us together. Thanks for this wonderful site.

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Found someone we want to be exclusive. We clicked tight away and decided we match.We do not want the distraction of talking with other people. It is so important that we talk only between us.


I have met a suitable partner, and we are now dating, long term possibilities for marriage are at this stage very promising. We have many similarities, these being revealed by our matched profiles etc. we both enjoy being together thanks to your site.


Met and are enjoying each other. We have found much in common and think we have a future together. We are going to see where this will take us and see if it will last.


Woman of surpassing beauty contacted me, we immediately clicked, and now make plans for a exciting future together, everything about her is a perfect match in ways not dreamed of, thx

We met 3 weeks ago. It happened so fast. So grateful and glad . It was an instant connection. Thank you for making this happen for us. Makes me believe that I can love again.


I meet this beautiful young lady and she is in prosess of moving to England we have … we are going to live together and have spoken of children and married this is a great site


Found a nice girl on here we are very much in love thank you very much we could have not found each other with out this site plus I met a lot of nice lady here


We were both lonely and at first it was difficult for her to trust me. But now we are in love and everything is wonderful. I am so happy to have found my soul mate here.


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