Younger Women older men

YES. Statistics show that 20% of younger women are looking for older men. We believe that age is just a number, or at least what everyone likes to say.

There are a lot of reasons younger women looking for older men dating, the top reasons might be:

1. Older men are generally protective, and it’s easier to protect the younger ones.

2. A lot of men find that they have more common interests with women who are younger than them, as women get older sometimes they are not interested in the same things as the men their age.

3. It’s important for both for any relationship to balanced as much as possible, and a large age gap does leave a real potential for imbalance.

4. When younger women dating older men, they are feeling good that they can make older men feel younger and more energetic.

5. Older men are more experienced with women, more confident, have interesting stories to tell, have learned from past relationships, probably know the direction they want in life, are more cultured, more masculine.

6. Older men keep themselves fit, groomed, do interesting activities, have cool hobbies, and have a positive outgoing personality. They usually look much younger and have great stamina.

7. Many young women like their maturity, self confidence, guidance and experience. No real drama and they are usually better in bed. They have experienced enough to know women.

All in all, Younger women just feel safer with older men.