What Older Men Really Want From Dating Younger Women?

older men dating younger women


Whenever an old single man starts dating a young woman, who is considerably younger than him, all eyes gape at him, some with a surprise and some with shock. No matter if the old man is a celebrity or a commoner, but he is bound to gain some attention if his personal life suddenly starts rocking!

What do old, single men want from dating younger women?

If a man has never been in a relationship, or has been in and out of many relationships, he always expects from his next relationship, and his expectations are never bound to one thing. Particularly the older men, who want some spice in their lives, would prefer younger women who can bring back that lost excitement that they crave for. When a man progresses in age, his thought, mindset, everything changes. He starts seeing life more maturely and finds logic behind everything. Relationships need to be meaningful and friendships need to be strong and stable. He has no room for drama or wastage of time.

But when it comes to casual dating, or simply being in a causal, non-serious relationship, his choices change. He looks for someone who can drag him out of his monotonous routine and boring life for some time in a day. He wishes for that someone who can fill his life with colors, once again. In his partner, he starts looking for that young man, who he used to be, long back in time. He starts looking for his younger self, and wants to feel young again, which is why he prefers to date someone much younger than him.

An older woman, particularly someone who is around his age, would be much more mature, sensible, and would have seen and experienced life just as he did. There will be a different kind of relationship with an older woman, compared to what a young woman can provide.

Young Women Also Look for Older Men

Not only older men want someone fun to hang out with, but in many cases, even young women prefer an older partner than someone around her age. She wants good financial stability, mature outlook towards life, and a meaningful relationship, something that an older man can provide in abundance. There have been many cases where older men have expressed how having a younger life partner changed their life, and many young women also shared how having a mature life partner added a new meaning to her life.

There are more than one reasons to why older men prefer dating younger women. Biologically speaking, as the age of a woman progresses, her fertility reduces and chances of her bearing an offspring also come to a halt, slowly as she paces towards menopause, but with younger women, that is not the case.

A young woman is more fertile and capable of bearing a child, something which attracts the older men, hence they look for someone young, as a partner.

As science rightly claimed, that a man can be a father of 365 children in a year, but a woman can only give birth to one child in one year, so the seed-spreading tendencies are higher in males, compared to the females, hence they look for younger partners, who have higher sexual drive, and are more energetic compared to older women.

Young women also prefer dating older men because they prefer experience – both in life as well as in bed. They want their partner to know and understand their needs, and can provide for her in every sphere of life.

No matter how the relationship is, understanding, patience and the will to be together are the three most important elements that are responsible for success of it. Doesn’t matter if your partner is young or old, if you love her, you will be happy, and happiness is the sole reason why we humans want a relationship.





Why Younger Women Like Older Men For Relationships

younger women looking for older men


We have seen a lot of it in movies and in real life, of couples that are into age gap relationships. Several women have accepted relationship of this kind and believes it is the best for them, so don’t think it is by accident when you see younger women with older men as it is rather their choice and personal preference.

There are unique reasons to individuals for going into an age gap relationship but here are few of those reasons why younger women like older men than their age mates for a relationship.

To start with, a girl child gets matured in physique quicker than her male counterpart. When such girl grows up to a lady, it becomes difficult for her to be hanging out with her age mates, let alone move into a relationship with them as this eats up her ego in public and amongst her friends. They feel this won’t let people respect them and you would rather see these girls looking for older guys just to gain respect from their friends and male counterparts to boost their ego. You may even see such young women looking for older men that are powerful and in top positions in the society.

Another reason why younger women like older men is because older men already have a career they are firmly rooted in, and most of them are financially stable. We see most girls looking for older guys that are well established rather than dating guys of their age that are struggling with a stipend paying job to sort their tuitions and livelihood or still depend on their parents for some basic needs. As a totally independent and matured older man, ladies believe he will be able to provide for their needs emotionally and financially both now and in the future.

Lastly, most of these younger women dating older men associates wisdom and knowledge with age. They see this older men as father figures that they hope to get all kinds of provision and life guidance from, and to take up the place of their absentee father. Since matured men are confident and experienced, they don’t get freaky in relationships like the young guys who can be aggressive and selfishly put themselves ahead in every aspect. Young guys give less attention to their partner’s feelings or needs and you will rather see these ladies looking for older men that will be fatherly and caring.

Why Older Men Are Dating Younger Women?

older men dating younger women



It is becoming rampant all around the world to see older men dating younger women in their 20s. The reason behind this younger women older men relationship has become puzzling for decades and there isn’t any solid answer because the motive of these men dating younger women differs from each other. However, there are some interesting reasons why men go into age gap relationships with younger women that we shall look into.

One of the reasons for this younger women older men relationship is that unlike women, most men would always want to wait till they are stable financially before they decide to start a family. Only a few achieve this at a young age, most men will have become old by the time they are eventually well-established and this could be due to their kind of profession or the state of the economy in that country. As a result, such a man would not want to go for a woman of his age range for a relationship as he believes she may not be agile and strong enough to take care of him and the kids. Besides, younger women give birth to more healthy children than there old counterparts. You will therefore see such a man dating younger women.

Another reason why we see older men dating younger women is for them to regain their youthfulness. Unlike older women who will be bothered by a lot of life worries because of their age which may consequently affect their moods, it is not so when dating younger women. Younger women are rather cheerful and with less worries as they are still able to bring fun into certain things. Men love to be around such fun-loving younger women that can make them feel young and bring back their youthfulness.

Lastly, you will see a man dating younger women just to boost his ego. It is possible for a man to lose his self-confidence each time he realizes how old he is getting at the sight of his wrinkles and grey hair. This older men wonder in their minds if they are still the kind of man they used to be in their early years. They therefore work towards answering such questions by setting goals to attract young and beautiful singles for a date. Once this is achieved, it boosts their ego massively and they regain their self-confidence.