What Older Men Really Want From Dating Younger Women?

older men dating younger women


Whenever an old single man starts dating a young woman, who is considerably younger than him, all eyes gape at him, some with a surprise and some with shock. No matter if the old man is a celebrity or a commoner, but he is bound to gain some attention if his personal life suddenly starts rocking!

What do old, single men want from dating younger women?

If a man has never been in a relationship, or has been in and out of many relationships, he always expects from his next relationship, and his expectations are never bound to one thing. Particularly the older men, who want some spice in their lives, would prefer younger women who can bring back that lost excitement that they crave for. When a man progresses in age, his thought, mindset, everything changes. He starts seeing life more maturely and finds logic behind everything. Relationships need to be meaningful and friendships need to be strong and stable. He has no room for drama or wastage of time.

But when it comes to casual dating, or simply being in a causal, non-serious relationship, his choices change. He looks for someone who can drag him out of his monotonous routine and boring life for some time in a day. He wishes for that someone who can fill his life with colors, once again. In his partner, he starts looking for that young man, who he used to be, long back in time. He starts looking for his younger self, and wants to feel young again, which is why he prefers to date someone much younger than him.

An older woman, particularly someone who is around his age, would be much more mature, sensible, and would have seen and experienced life just as he did. There will be a different kind of relationship with an older woman, compared to what a young woman can provide.

Young Women Also Look for Older Men

Not only older men want someone fun to hang out with, but in many cases, even young women prefer an older partner than someone around her age. She wants good financial stability, mature outlook towards life, and a meaningful relationship, something that an older man can provide in abundance. There have been many cases where older men have expressed how having a younger life partner changed their life, and many young women also shared how having a mature life partner added a new meaning to her life.

There are more than one reasons to why older men prefer dating younger women. Biologically speaking, as the age of a woman progresses, her fertility reduces and chances of her bearing an offspring also come to a halt, slowly as she paces towards menopause, but with younger women, that is not the case.

A young woman is more fertile and capable of bearing a child, something which attracts the older men, hence they look for someone young, as a partner.

As science rightly claimed, that a man can be a father of 365 children in a year, but a woman can only give birth to one child in one year, so the seed-spreading tendencies are higher in males, compared to the females, hence they look for younger partners, who have higher sexual drive, and are more energetic compared to older women.

Young women also prefer dating older men because they prefer experience – both in life as well as in bed. They want their partner to know and understand their needs, and can provide for her in every sphere of life.

No matter how the relationship is, understanding, patience and the will to be together are the three most important elements that are responsible for success of it. Doesn’t matter if your partner is young or old, if you love her, you will be happy, and happiness is the sole reason why we humans want a relationship.





Healthy in May, Healthy in December

young women older men

Let’s set the scene: You have a preference for age gap relationships. You’re one of many younger women dating older men, or a mature woman who’s into cougar dating. Maybe you’re one of the growing number of older men dating younger women. No matter your gender or which end of the age gap spectrum you’re on, you’ve finally found a partner who makes your heart skip a beat, and you’re thrilled by the prospect of embarking on a life together. But once the initial honeymoon stage of your age gap relationship wears off, how can you know that the dynamic between you is healthy? Most of the hallmarks are no different than they are for romantic relationships between peers, but there are a few complicating variables. We’ll explore a few of them here, so you can take stock of your partnership and know whether you’re in a mutually satisfying, reciprocal relationship, or whether you need to consider moving on.

Hallmark #1: You can communicate freely with your partner.

This is perhaps the most important feature of any healthy relationship. No matter how well you and your partner get along, it’s inevitable that you’ll hit the occasional rough patch, and when you do it’s vital to know that you can discuss your frustrations and insecurities with your partner and know you’ll be heard with respect and compassion. Take a moment and ask yourself this: When you need to have a tough conversation with your partner, do you walk away from it feeling like you’ve reached a resolution? Do you feel like your partner listens attentively to your troubles and responds with empathy? Do you feel like working through conflict together strengthens you as a couple? If so, these are signs that you’re in a healthy relationship, and that you can trust your partner enough to be vulnerable with him or her. However, if you’re afraid to ever address a misunderstanding with your partner for fear of starting a fight, if your partner belittles or mocks your fears and insecurities, or if your partner downplays and trivializes your frustrations, those are symptoms of emotional abuse and a sign that you should take a hard look at your relationship.

While emotional abuse certainly doesn’t occur solely in relationships beginning on cougar dating sites or sugar daddy/sugar baby sites, the difference in life experience and the relative imbalance of power associated with the age gap can make younger partners in particular more susceptible to abusers. Younger men dating older women and younger women dating older men should know the red flags so they can recognize them if they appear.

Hallmark #2: You share responsibilities and expenses equally.

Especially if you and your partner are cohabitating, it’s important that you agree upon the division of labor and finances between you. If both partners work full-time jobs, it’s unfair that one should be stuck with the bulk of the housework and meal preparation on top of it. Likewise, one partner shouldn’t always be expected to foot the bill for the other. (Exceptions to this rule include sugar mommy or daddy/sugar baby relationships in which the transactional nature of the relationship is made clear and agreed upon in advance.) Ideally, you and your partner take turns doing dishes and taking out the garbage. One of you picks up the tab at dinner this time, and the other gets it next time. Rather than one partner emptying his or her pockets for the other, or tidying up after them like their personal housekeeper, both partners should work together to make a comfortable, happy home for each other. If you find yourself feeling like your partner is more into your bank account than you, or that you’re more of a servant than a boyfriend or girlfriend, it may be time to walk away. Remember, younger men dating older women and younger women seeking older men are still adults, and they still need to do their share.

Hallmark #3: Your partner honors your boundaries in the bedroom.

Kink and BDSM sometimes overlap with age gap and cougar dating. For some older men dating younger women and younger women seeking older men, the power differential between partners is a turn-on that makes for some fun, taboo daddy/daughter or mommy/son age play. But whether kink is a feature of your age gap relationship or not, it’s non-negotiable that your partner should respect your boundaries in the bedroom at all times. If dominance and submission are a feature of your sex life, those dynamics should be negotiated in advance, and consent must always be freely given and received. If you skew more vanilla, the rules still apply: It’s totally permissible to ask your partner to experiment with new activities, but if they aren’t comfortable with it, no means no. It’s never acceptable to pressure or guilt a partner into submitting to sex acts they don’t want. If ever you feel uncomfortably pressured by your partner, that’s a major red flag that you need to reevaluate your relationship. Remember that nobody is ever owed sex!

As you can see, whether you and your partner met on one of many popular cougar dating sites or sugar daddy and sugar baby sites, the rules for healthy relationships are no different for partners negotiating age gaps than they are for anybody else. We hope that this article has empowered you to enter your next age gap relationship prepared to receive the respect you deserve.



5 May-December Romances Challenges and Solutions

The modern society has overcome the taboos against inter-racial marriage as well as inter-religious marriage. In the new era, we have seen tons of successful age gap relationships and many of them finally get married and live a happy life. It is time to accept the May-December relationship. However, there are some challenges that May-December couples can’t avoid. The good news is that there is always solution to the relationship problem; you just need to know how to resolve it.


#1 Friends & Family Acceptanceolder men dating younger women

Older man dating younger women has not always been accepted by the society, it is same for older men dating younger men. If you are 50 and dating a younger woman who is 20, your friends and family, some of them, will feel strange and may say stereotypical things such as “sugar daddies” or “cougars” if the woman is the older partner. When this happens, what you should do is to let them understand the truth that you two love each other and it does not related to money or other things. Tell them you totally understand their concerns because you have thought all possible problems and you have the confidence to address them. Talk about the goodness about the other half and try to let them like him/her.


#2 Hobbies

There will certainly be many different hobbies if the May December couple has a big age gap. It could be a good thing for a relationship but also could be a nightmare if you don’t handle it correctly. You should always listen carefully if your partner has complained your hobby has taken you too much time. That means she/he don’t like it and it may ruin your relationship if you do nothing about it. You can try to talk to her/him about your hobby, explain the interesting part and let your partner really walk into your life.


#3 Kids Plan

To have a kid or not is a big question for May December relationships. Like in a younger women older men relationship, the younger woman may want to have a kid later because she wants to live a free and pleasant life without child burdens, but the older men may consider to have a child soon because he is worried about the health or he don’t want a child because he may already have one in the previous relationship. It’s not that easy to address this issue, you should talk with her/him at the beginning of this relationship. If one partner wants kids and the other doesn’t, you may hear suggestions from consolers or families. Also, remember to be respectful.


#4 Sex

For some reasons, younger women dating older men because they believe that older men have more experience and they know exactly what women want. But this expectation might be higher. As the age grows, the sexual performance might be different. Most people don’t want to talk about it, but it will definitely affect the May December relationship. If sex issues happen, look for a solution instead of ignore it.


#5 Illness

The illness issue actually exists in all kinds of relationships but it is more obvious in age gap relationships. The older partner has more challenges dealing health issues. But there is always a way to work it out. If the issue is minor problem, let your partner continue the normal life and don’t force him/her to change a lot. If you are the younger one, don’t judge her or his health issues. For major health problem, which always can’t be predictable, you may talk about it before you start dating or get married. Ask her or him, are you still want to date or get married if I’m disable in the near future? A big age gap needs to put the illness discussion on a faster track because some issues might become reality sooner than normal couples.


Why Younger Women Like Older Men For Relationships

younger women looking for older men


We have seen a lot of it in movies and in real life, of couples that are into age gap relationships. Several women have accepted relationship of this kind and believes it is the best for them, so don’t think it is by accident when you see younger women with older men as it is rather their choice and personal preference.

There are unique reasons to individuals for going into an age gap relationship but here are few of those reasons why younger women like older men than their age mates for a relationship.

To start with, a girl child gets matured in physique quicker than her male counterpart. When such girl grows up to a lady, it becomes difficult for her to be hanging out with her age mates, let alone move into a relationship with them as this eats up her ego in public and amongst her friends. They feel this won’t let people respect them and you would rather see these girls looking for older guys just to gain respect from their friends and male counterparts to boost their ego. You may even see such young women looking for older men that are powerful and in top positions in the society.

Another reason why younger women like older men is because older men already have a career they are firmly rooted in, and most of them are financially stable. We see most girls looking for older guys that are well established rather than dating guys of their age that are struggling with a stipend paying job to sort their tuitions and livelihood or still depend on their parents for some basic needs. As a totally independent and matured older man, ladies believe he will be able to provide for their needs emotionally and financially both now and in the future.

Lastly, most of these younger women dating older men associates wisdom and knowledge with age. They see this older men as father figures that they hope to get all kinds of provision and life guidance from, and to take up the place of their absentee father. Since matured men are confident and experienced, they don’t get freaky in relationships like the young guys who can be aggressive and selfishly put themselves ahead in every aspect. Young guys give less attention to their partner’s feelings or needs and you will rather see these ladies looking for older men that will be fatherly and caring.

Tips for Older Men to Gain Sex Appeal with Younger Women

Tips for Older Men to Gain Sex Appeal with Younger Women

oldermenAs a widowed, divorced or just single older man that wants to start dating younger women, there is a need to figure out how to maintain your attractiveness to younger women looking for older men. As much as younger women dating older men prefers the age gap dating, they still love their partner to be as appealing as their age mates who are young, agile and good looking. They wouldn’t want to start getting dreaded questions like “wow, is this your father?”

To start with, you need to care more for your teeth. As you get older, your teeth starts to turn yellowish. An unhealthy teeth is a negative sign to most younger women dating older men and this is one of the reasons why some ladies wouldn’t want to associate with them. If your discoloured teeth will be standing in your way, consider seeing a dentist. If you smoke or haven’t been paying attention to your teeth in the past, you may think of whitening it. A good smell and clean teeth can attract girls wanting older men to you.

Take care of your body. You really need to watch what you eat to avoid getting overweight. It will be obvious how old you really are if you are fat or with some double chin. You will need to engage in daily exercises to keep you fit. To best care for your body, you should consider joining a gym, applying for specific programmes, getting a trainer and working with a dietitian.

Dye your hair. Your grey hairs can be a total turn off point for some girls wanting older men and you should consider dyeing it. This is basically for older men whose hair have gone grey prematurely. What you need to do is step into a salon, let them understand you need a perfect touch on your hair and you are interested in dyeing it to get a better look. However, you have to be committed to doing this regularly as new ones grow to displace the hair job.

Look available. You really need to give more attention to your appearance as this will get you attention from younger women looking for older men and give you enough self confidence. It gives ladies the first impression about you because it is what they will notice first. Move into the fashion stores, pick up some nice clothings that will show to people you do care about yourself.

Dating younger women will not be a difficult thing if you can dress well, look good and always put up a smile. In addition, try to engage with people and leave them with something that will get them amazingly thinking about you after.