The modern society has overcome the taboos against inter-racial marriage as well as inter-religious marriage. In the new era, we have seen tons of successful age gap relationships and many of them finally get married and live a happy life. It is time to accept the May-December relationship. However, there are some challenges that May-December couples can’t avoid. The good news is that there is always solution to the relationship problem; you just need to know how to resolve it.


#1 Friends & Family Acceptanceolder men dating younger women

Older man dating younger women has not always been accepted by the society, it is same for older men dating younger men. If you are 50 and dating a younger woman who is 20, your friends and family, some of them, will feel strange and may say stereotypical things such as “sugar daddies” or “cougars” if the woman is the older partner. When this happens, what you should do is to let them understand the truth that you two love each other and it does not related to money or other things. Tell them you totally understand their concerns because you have thought all possible problems and you have the confidence to address them. Talk about the goodness about the other half and try to let them like him/her.


#2 Hobbies

There will certainly be many different hobbies if the May December couple has a big age gap. It could be a good thing for a relationship but also could be a nightmare if you don’t handle it correctly. You should always listen carefully if your partner has complained your hobby has taken you too much time. That means she/he don’t like it and it may ruin your relationship if you do nothing about it. You can try to talk to her/him about your hobby, explain the interesting part and let your partner really walk into your life.


#3 Kids Plan

To have a kid or not is a big question for May December relationships. Like in a younger women older men relationship, the younger woman may want to have a kid later because she wants to live a free and pleasant life without child burdens, but the older men may consider to have a child soon because he is worried about the health or he don’t want a child because he may already have one in the previous relationship. It’s not that easy to address this issue, you should talk with her/him at the beginning of this relationship. If one partner wants kids and the other doesn’t, you may hear suggestions from consolers or families. Also, remember to be respectful.


#4 Sex

For some reasons, younger women dating older men because they believe that older men have more experience and they know exactly what women want. But this expectation might be higher. As the age grows, the sexual performance might be different. Most people don’t want to talk about it, but it will definitely affect the May December relationship. If sex issues happen, look for a solution instead of ignore it.


#5 Illness

The illness issue actually exists in all kinds of relationships but it is more obvious in age gap relationships. The older partner has more challenges dealing health issues. But there is always a way to work it out. If the issue is minor problem, let your partner continue the normal life and don’t force him/her to change a lot. If you are the younger one, don’t judge her or his health issues. For major health problem, which always can’t be predictable, you may talk about it before you start dating or get married. Ask her or him, are you still want to date or get married if I’m disable in the near future? A big age gap needs to put the illness discussion on a faster track because some issues might become reality sooner than normal couples.